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Since 2013 I've worked with non-profit organizations, companies, schools, and individual professionals to create design that meets their unique needs and visions.


One thing that hasn't changed since the beginning? I love finding solutions and working with my clients to make them look good. 

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Local Theater

I am thrilled each time I get the chance to design marketing materials for the local theater scene plays—the shows I've been involved with have spanned video game themed comedy, time shifting drama, and a noir adaptation on a sci-fi classic.

Loc Thea

In-House Print & Web

Since 2017 I have worked full time for the Covenant church denomination offices. Here I was given the opportunity to pivot from a general communications role (with a dash of design) into a full-time graphic design role in early 2020.


Private School Marketing

Early years of freelance designing were primarily spent learning on the fly with projects for my own former alma mater. Through working with Highlands, I have had an abundance of opportunities to learn, grown, and refine as a designer since those first projects in 2013. 


Small Business, Volunteer,
& Pro Bono Work

Working on small projects with growing businesses provides a great way to lay foundations for future partnerships. I also spent two years as resident volunteer designer on the board for Chicago Women in Publishing.


And of course, gifted or bartered work for family and friends can be a joy as well!

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